Really rocking the animal guardian game means flexing some next-level sustainability vibes that help protect our planet. Dive into these outside-of-the-box pet activities with your dog or horse, and you'll be not only leveling up their life but also dropping some serious eco-consciousness into your relationship with your pet.

border terrier sitting sitting in field of Texas wildflowers looking up at camera

Simple earth-friendly pet activities 

Checking labels and thinking mindfully about pet-related choices can quickly reduce waste or support sustainably produced pet products. Here are just a couple to get your mind ticking. 

Save Lives and the Planet Through Pet Adoption 

Adopt your next dog or horse from a local shelter or rescue organization. You’ll provide a loving home for an animal in need and also reduce the demand for commercially bred animals raised in large-scale conditions, which can have environmental, behavioral, and inhumane consequences.

Planet-Friendly DIY Treats 

Rather than buying packaged treats, try making your own at home using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Not only does this minimize packaging waste, but it also ensures your dog or horse enjoys healthier snacks.  

female pitbull wearing a pearl necklace sitting in a field of Texas wildflowers

Go wild and protect the planet with these unusual pet activities 

Walk Your Dog, Pick Up Trash 

Train your dog to participate in simple conservation efforts, like picking up litter during walks. It can be confusing to your dog if you are asking them to sit while you hop across a ditch to grab a discarded bottle, so begin slowly by picking up just a few pieces on your daily walk before heading out to clean up an entire trail. If you are picking litter along a roadside, it’s especially important that your dog be acclimatized to traffic and have mastered a sit before turning your back to rummage through long grass. I suggest wearing a bright colored vest so other walkers and drivers realize you're up to something more than the average walk!

Plant a Pet-Friendly Garden of Native Plants 

Create a garden for you and your dog or horse with pet-friendly native plants. This not only adds a bit of biodiversity to your surroundings but also provides a safe and stimulating environment for your pet. Need some help choosing? Audubon has some help! Choose plants that are non-toxic to animals. I always brush up on my plant knowledge by checking the ASPCA list of toxic plants before I make my spring purchases.

What can you do to reduce your carbon pawprint? 

Being a conscious animal guardian involves making mindful choices that extend beyond typical sustainability practices. By embracing even just one or two of these unusual yet practical options, pet parents can contribute to a healthier planet while ensuring their pets lead happy and eco-friendly lives.