It wasn’t so long ago that people viewed pets as property – something they “owned.” Over the course of my lifetime, I've seen a radical shift in perspective on this front. It used to be a little weird to consider pets as true family members, but now it's not only mainstream but gaining momentum every year, especially after the pandemic.

We’ve come a long way in terms of understanding animal psychology, behavior and better ways to parent the pets we care for. You can see a lot of that science going to good, practical use through the 2023 Pet Innovation Awards.  

Today, I want to dive into the trends (already here and right around the corner) that are revolutionizing the amazing bond between humans and their animals! I’ll also introduce you to a little of the genius behind the 2023 Pet Innovation Award winners and some leading pet brands shaping a new era for pets. 

longhaired dachshund on trail in Houston

Sustainable practices for pets and their humans.  

Over consumption, waste and use of non-sustainable resources are out! Thoughtful purchases are in. You should expect to see a growing boom of truly sustainable products. There are many companies that are being environmentally friendly and using ethical sourcing. I’ve seen some incredible products on the market.

  • P.L.A.Y is a B Corp that uses recycled plastic bottles to create many of their products, including dog beds and toys! Fun fact: Their plushies meet the same standards as infant/children safety standards!  (if you've been a previous client of mine, you know I include one of their toys in my goodie bag!)

  • The dooLoop makes lugging your dog’s poop a hands-free job. It’s a simple and non-toxic device made of recycled plastic and packaging. This incredibly convenient hands-free dog walking accessory helps you do your ‘dooty,’ times two: being a good citizen by picking up after your dog and putting recycled materials to good use. 
German Shepherd dog in tall green grass

Becoming one with Mother Nature.  

Humans are putting the planet first again. We’re taking our pet care back to nature too.  


Similar to holistic health and sustainability, we’re seeing and will continue to see a respect for nature with pet food that is human grade and ethically sourced. Think freeze dried, dehydrated and raw foods.  Some companies doing pet food differently include Portland Pet Food Company, The Honest Kitchen and Vital Essentials.  

woman and Doberman in downtown Houston

All-in-one services and experiences both humans and pets can enjoy together!  

New experiences not only help with your pet bond but also give them an unlimited supply of enrichment and mental stimulation. Cultivating experiences that both humans and pets can enjoy is in high demand! So is giving pet parents a place or experience —like a photo session (wink)— or visiting a business where pet care, shopping and amenities come together.

A ‘cause Digital Marketing survey of dog and/or cat owners found that the majority (71 percent) would “be happy” if their pet store or service provider offered other services. And like most things in the free market, if there’s a demand, a supply will come. 

Two businesses creating the all-in-one stop/pet-and-human experience are PUCCI Café in Katy, Texas and King’s Dog Daycare in London. PUCCI is a café, wine bar, desserts (made for dogs with human-grade ingredients) and luxury dog boutique all rolled into one! King’s is part daycare, part photography studio, part groomer, part café and more! Your dog and you are well taken care of here! 

woman playing with her dog in Buffalo Bayou Park Houston

There you have it – my guide to what we can expect in the world of pets in 2024 and beyond!  One thing is for sure: humans are continuously finding ways to spend more time with their beloved pets and help the planet at the same time! 💗