What a year it’s been. Back in January, I was excited about starting my third year as a full-time professional dog and equine photographer and 2023 did not disappoint! The past 12 months have given me plenty of chances to grow, and so much to celebrate. 

While there were many amazing moments this year, we did have some rocky times. We spent most of the summer in the emergency veterinary hospital with our senior girl Bonnie and then in and out of specialist offices. Luckily, she made it through and everything seems back to normal around here. Alongside that, I became a member of Professional Photographers of Houston and found an amazing and supportive community! I gained a photography mentor and also so many new friends who are just as obsessed with photography as I am - in short, I found my tribe!


As the winter season begins, and our busy schedules count down to holiday celebrations, breaks and the New Year, I always find it a nice time to reflect on what I’ve experienced together in the past 12 months. 

Here at Kelly J. Russo Photography, if I had to give the year one word, I’d probably choose "growth". 

I chose this word for several reasons. Besides intentionally practicing my photography daily I have improved my craft creatively. I've also made strides in streamlining and growing my business this year due to mentors and professional business academies. Finally, I have grown as a individual as well, leaning more into my passion for this business and less about fear of the unknown and unfounded perceptions.

Here are just a handful of the wins that made this year so memorable: 

Interviewed by Book Your Pet

I was so surprised and honored to have been selected by new software company Book Your Pet as one of their featured Petpreneurs! I was nervous but it was a lot of fun! Check out the video below!

Seasonal Sessions Sold Out

I once again held two special seasonal mini-sessions - and THEY BOTH SOLD OUT! That's a first for me and I'm so grateful for my returning and new clients this year who opted to do something a little different with their pet!

corgi in bluebonnets
shi zhu in bluebonnets
shepherd in bluebonnets
French bulldog at Houston Christmas Tree Farm
poodle mix wearing big red bow in front of Christmas tree
horse wearing a wreath looking at a Christmas lollipop

Looking forward to 2024...

I know I probably say it a lot, but I am SO GRATEFUL for everyone who has supported my small business, especially this year. Owning a business is a tremendous amount of work but at the same time it is so rewarding!