Equestrians of Color

Photography Project

The Equestrians of Color Photography Project isa collection of stories from equestrians of color collaboratively told through the lens of equine photographers known as “allies.” The end goal of the project is to increase racial diversity awareness in the equestrian community by shedding light on these challenging, uplifting, and inspirational stories.

I’ve recently joined the Equestrians of Color Photography Project (@Eocproject) whose mission is to provide a safe space for equestrians of color to feel welcomed and comfortable in front of our camera while shedding light on challenging, uplifting, and inspirational stories they wish to share.

If you are an equestrian of color and would like to collaborate with me to share your story, please fill out the form below.

Feel free to spread the word by sharing this post, and follow along with this incredible project: www.equestriansofcolor.com

Equestrians of Color Project