Business Tools I Can't Live Without

Being a new business owner, it can be overwhelming all the choices available that will help you keep your clients and your project list organized. After months and months of research, I found what works best for me! I'll be adding to this list as I fine-tune my workflow so keep checking back!


This is my one-stop-shop for all things client related! Here's how I use it for:

  • It's customizable contact form that I can embed on my website
  • Contract, invoice, email & questionnaire templates
  • Sselling gift cards online
  • Organized communicating with clients
  • Easy to use workflow automation so everything flows seamlessly
  • Easy online scheduling by phone or Zoom integrated with my Google Calendar

Email Marketing

I highly recommend Flodesk for email marketing. I made the switch from MailChimp to Flodesk and it has been a game changer for by business. My favorite thing about the platform is how easy it is to design high converting emails

that perfectly match my brand.

Video Messaging

This one is fairly new to me but I'm loving it so far! Not only can I add a personal video bubble to my website but I can add a personal video to my email signature! I also utilize this to send personal messages to potential clients. It's so much more fun than a boring email!