As a professional pet photographer based in Houston, TX, I've continually strived to hone my craft over the years, capturing the beauty and personality of pets, both dogs and horses alike. Owning my own business sounds romantic and ideal, after all I'm doing what I love everyday! However, creating award-winning, heartwarming images of pets is just one small part of the petpreneur business equation. Letting the world know about your talents through marketing is equally important.

In this blog, I'm want to share with you a curated list of essential marketing tools and strategies that have been instrumental in my journey. Whether you're just starting as a pet photographer or looking to boost your existing business, these resources will help you build a strong online presence, connect with your target audience, and ultimately grow your career in the world of pet photography. Let's dive in!

Photography Directories

Online directories can play a crucial role in expanding the reach of your pet photography business. Listing your business on platforms like Happily Ever Photo provides you with an additional online presence beyond your website and social media.

When pet owners in Houston, TX, or your specific area are searching for a professional photographer, they often turn to reputable directories to find trustworthy businesses. Being part of Happily Ever Photo helps me increase the chances of potential clients discovering my services and also significantly boosts my credibility which in-turn attracts more pet-loving customers to my website!

Client Communications

In a competitive field like professional photography, being responsive to clients in real-time can set you apart and lead to lasting client relationships built on trust and reliability. The ability to respond promptly to inquiries, questions, and messages can make a significant difference in converting leads into loyal customers.

Clients appreciate photographers who are readily available to address their concerns, discuss their vision, and provide information about pricing, availability, and the overall photography process. One tool I use regularly to help me be accessible and respond quickly to client inquiries is Warm Welcome. Warm Welcome has a myriad of website friendly widgets that allow me to communicate to clients in a variety of ways like video chat, text message or email. It also has a great dashboard which keeps all my messages and conversations organized and easily accessible.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for small business owners like myself, especially in the realm of pet photography.

Through email campaigns, I can keep clients and potential clients informed about my latest pet photography services, promotions, and special events. It's also a channel that allows me to share my passion for capturing stunning images of dogs and horses and help me stay top-of-mind with my audience.

My favorite tool for email marketing is Flodesk. I've used many, many different email programs in my career but Flodesk is by far the easiest (and prettiest!) platform. With easy to use templates and gorgeous fonts and layouts creating an email newsletter is a breeze!

As a professional pet photographer based in Houston, TX, I've seen firsthand how these strategies can transform a passion into a thriving business. Your marketing strategy should include a variety of tools in your marketing plan — such as, carefully curating a stunning portfolio, engaging on social media, optimizing search engine visibility to fostering real-time connections, and from harnessing the potential of email marketing — all of these tools are the brushes and canvases of a small business owner. By incorporating them into your pet photography business journey, you not only expand your reach but also deepen your connection with pet-loving clients who appreciate your artistry.