If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I write a lot about my favorite things, like photography, dogs, horses and pet ownership. But how much do you really know about me? 🤔 You might be be a little curious to know what makes me tick and why that makes me the perfect photographer for you.


I’ve been working with pet owners just like you for years, but I haven't always been a pet photographer. I have well over 15 years experience volunteering with dog rescues in and around Houston including trapping and catching strays, working at adoption events and counseling people on the adoption process (spoiler: it doesn't end when you sign the paperwork). During that time, I’ve learned a TON about dogs. All of these experiences actively help me in my current profession. And there’s some stuff I think all my clients should know!  

Photographer Kelly J. Russo

1. I Speak Dog: 🐶

Having spent countless hours with all sorts of pups, I've become fluent in the language of tail wags, floppy ears, and adorable head tilts. This means I can connect with your furry friend on a whole new level, capturing their unique personalities and quirks.

2. Patience is My Middle Name: ⏳

Anyone who's wrangled a pack of rambunctious rescue pups knows that patience is key. This skill translates beautifully to pet photography, where waiting for that perfect moment is essential. I won't rush the shot – I'll wait until Fido strikes a pose that'd make a supermodel jealous!

Photographer Kelly J. Russo

3. The Art of Making Friends: 🤝

With dogs, building trust is paramount. I've learned to gain the confidence of even the most timid of tails. This translates to a relaxed atmosphere during photoshoots, ensuring your pet feels comfortable and ready for their close-up.

4. I've Seen it All: 👀

From the tiniest of Chihuahuas to the mightiest of Great Danes, I've encountered a veritable zoo of breeds and personalities. No matter your pet's size or temperament, I've got the know-how to make them shine in photos.

Overhead photo of Kelly J. Russo pet photographer

5. Capturing the Heartwarming Moments: ❤️

Through my rescue work, I've witnessed the heartwarming transformations of countless dogs finding their forever homes. This has given me a unique perspective on capturing the love and joy pets bring into our lives. Those tender moments are my specialty!

I absolutely love dogs and find their capacity for deep, meaningful relationships to be absolutely fascinating - documenting this is one of the main reasons why I became a full-time pet photographer.

Want to learn more? If you’re interested to learn more about working with me, get in touch! Can’t wait to hear from you!