Watching your senior pet age or losing a beloved pet to illness or an accident is extremely hard. Over the years, we've been lucky to have had several dogs advance into old age, but with that comes its own trials and heartbreaks.

Even if your pet has already crossed the rainbow bridge, you can still explore new ways to carry them in your heart. Creating new memories during your pet’s senior years or finding ways to celebrate the memory of a pet who has passed on can help you in your own healing process. How you honor your pet is up to you and will help their life story continue.

If you’re searching for a way to celebrate your pet’s life, I’d like to share these ways that can help you carry them in your heart. 

professional dog portrait in a black frame

Hire a photographer for a portrait

A professional pet photographer like me is an expert at capturing your pet’s personality and unique traits. Sessions are gentle and slow-paced, your pet can relax and you can both enjoy being with each other.

Create a custom piece of wall art or photo albums

Rather than have more photos on your phone that are hard to find, why not make a piece of art that celebrates your pet’s life? One option is to gather a number of photographs and artwork to frame and gather together on one wall. Need help designing? I can help you design a gallery of grames for your wall using special software. Photo albums are also a special way to curate lots of photos in one place and can be displayed beautifully on your coffee table or shelf.

Donate time to a nonprofit that helps animals

Contributing your time or skills, especially on an important date like your pet’s own Gotcha Day, is an incredible way to help other animals, too. Volunteering at dog adoptions, Spay Days or even walking a shelter dog can make such a huge difference.

Make a memory box

…and then look through it whenever you miss them.

Celebrate their birthday, gotcha day, or the anniversary date of their passing.

Take the day off work. Go for a hike in a place you shared together. Invite an animal-loving friend to share the day. Think about the special days of the year and plan remembrance celebrations ahead of time so you can look forward to them.

photo trio on a fireplace mantle
dog portrait session photo album

Watching your pet age or dealing with the grief following a pet’s death can be hard. Please seek out professional support if that feels right for you. Locally, Pawsitive Relations hosts a monthly pet grief support group that is free of charge.


Legacy sessions are for pets preparing to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes called an end-of-life session, I will capture some tender moments with your best friend in a relaxed and quiet location. As difficult as this time may be, having lasting images of your best friend can help your grieving process in many ways. 

Please don't wait to let me know if you are in an urgent situation, every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred booking date.

folio box with photos of a dog's professional portrait session
framed photo of corgi in Texas bluebonnets