If you've met me (or know even just a little bit about me) then it's not a secret I'm a Texas Aggie. As an Aggie, the color orange can be an emotional and polarizing topic. 😂 And yet, every year when October comes around orange is EVERYWHERE and I'm here for it.

Not just pumpkins, but Halloween decor, colorful mums and Fall foliage (well, as much as we can get in Houston anyway). That's why I was thrilled this month to have several photo sessions and events that were Halloween and Fall-themed.

After a long, dry summer where all the normal Houston greens and yellow turned brown and gray because of the drought, it has been so refreshing to be around vibrant colors again! It was a treat to be immersed in the wonderful hues of orange (except for burnt orange, obviously).

Here's a round-up of my favorite images this past month!

What do you think of the color orange? Tell me in the comments below!