Elliot Turns Five!

Sweet little Elliot is a Shihpoo (a cross between Shih tzu and poodle). He's also one special pup. His mom has a very special bond with him and wanted to celebrate his milestone birthday of turning five years old. She also wanted a classic Texas portrait of him in Texas bluebonnets.

We couldn't have picked a better March afternoon, the weather was perfect the bluebonnets were in full bloom!

Shihpoo looking up at camera
Dog sitting on owners lap looking up at camera
Shihpoo trotting down a sidewalk
Shihpoo dog standing on a park bench in Sugar Land Texas
owner and dog in a field of texas bluebonnets
Shihpoo dog looking over owners shoulder on a park bench
Owner and her dog sitting in a field of bluebonnets in Sugar Land Texas
Shihpoo  dog sitting in front of door smiling at camera
Shihpoo dog being held by smiling owner
Shihpoo dog looking up at camera in Sugar Land Texas
Owner with her dog sitting in a field of Texas bluebonnets
Silhouette photo of dog being held by owner

More About Elliot:

  • Elliot was adopted from a shelter in Georgia. His original name was Ewok, because he looks exactly like an Ewok when he needs a groom!
  • He also goes by: Pinky, Pinky Pot, Pinkerton and Tinkerpin
  • His Mom loves his smile and how protective and loving he is.
  • He's an outgoing pup who loves to make friends!