I’ve been keeping a little secret under wraps, and it's high time I shared it with you! Beyond being your trusted go-to pet photographer, I also make a big effort to weave sustainability and appreciate in the natural world into the fabric of my business. Ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes work that makes me more than just a photographer? I want you to see how your support fuels more than just beautiful photos; it helps create positive vibes for you and your pup, too! 

Nature is in the very heart of me 

Nature is my source of inspiration: As an introvert, my happy place has always been somewhere outside in solitude. Being outdoors not only feeds my soul, but I literally feel the stress melting away and my whole body relaxing. There's actually an official term for it now, it's called "forest bathing" - "Not simply a walk in the woods, it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest."

One of the main reasons I love photography so much, is that it forces me to take note of all the little details of the natural landscape around me, everything from how the sunlight is filtering through the leaves to shapes and colors on the ground. There is so much variety in photographing outdoors, you can utilize almost any space with amazing results. That being said, I do also love indoor studio photography too, but my heart is definitely in outdoor portraiture.

happy pitbull dog sitting in green clover at Brazos Bend State Park in Houston

The animals in my life are the lifeline that connects me with the natural world 

Having dogs in my life allows me to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. Not only is it good exercise and enrichment for them, walking my dogs allows me a chance untether from my cell phone and all the associated apps and notifications. Instead, I try to focus on my dogs' joy in sniffing their surroundings, exploring and finding delight in the world outside.

butterfly on a leaf

You are a strong and joyful part of this connection Kelly J. Russo Photography has with the nature.

The majority of my clients also have a strong connection to the outdoors. When choosing a location, we work together to find a spot that either holds special meaning or a beautiful location that is quiet and secluded. Outdoor photo sessions with pups allows them to relax and sniff, while experiencing the pure joy of hanging out with their favorite humans. Most often, these bonded feelings get enhanced by being outdoors together and I'm able capture those moments with my camera.

What about you? Are you a nature lover? Do you enjoy spending time in the great wide open with you four-legged best friend? Give me a call! We can discuss a photo session that is part-adventure, part-forest-bathing session!

curled up green leaf in forest in Belize