At Kelly J. Russo Photography, I completely understand that being a pet parent means being a little careful – and sometimes even a little skeptical – when you’re deciding what ‘stuff’ your pet actually needs. You’ve got to juggle a lot of decisions, balancing your pet’s personality, health, and well-being, plus the practicalities of budget and lifestyle.  

I’ve had lots of feedback and so many incredible conversations with our clients over the past few years and I think I’ve found the top 5 questions pet parents tend to ask us about a professional photo session for their dog or horse.

All the ‘Yes, Buts…’ About Hiring a Pet Photographer 

I get it. You love your pet or horse. You know them like no one else can, and when some new pet trend comes your way, you wonder whether or not it’s actually a good fit. You know your dog or horse's individual quirks and have to be skeptical that you won’t be throwing money away on something your pet won’t like, or risking your pet's safety. 

Here are our Top 5 questions I get from people who are curious about a custom pet portrait experience.

My dog is untrained/can't be off leash

I hear this one most often. But don't worry! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get a dog's attention! My camera also has a very fast shutter speed, so no matter how wiggly your pup is, I can freeze that moment in time to get a clear, in focus photo!

Believe it or not, 95% of the dogs I photography are on leash the entire photo session! Leashes not only keep your dog safe, but there are often local laws that require they be leashed at all times. Through the magic of Photoshop, I am able to remove leashes in most of the final images!

Where will our session be?

Since I am primarily an outdoor photographer, I don't have a indoor studio space to do my photo sessions. I spend quite a bit of time all year exploring Houston and the surrounding areas — looking for cool, unique locations for photo sessions. I have a whole list of places I frequent, places that are quiet and beautiful, perfect for dogs who are nervous or shy. After you book your photo session, we will work together to determine the perfect spot for our photo adventure.

For horses, I usually meet you at your barn. From years of experience, even if you think there's not a pretty spot at your barn, I can usually find one. Using different lenses help isolate the background and keep the focus on just your and hour heart horse.

I'm not sure I know what to do with the photos after our session

What you are going to do with your final images are perhaps the most important aspect to consider when you are planning for a photo session. I am a firm believer in getting those images off your hard drive and on your walls — make a joyful statement in your home! I am here to help you through the entire process and help you choose your photo products so they fit in perfectly with your home decor and style!

I feel uncomfortable having my photo taken

From my years of photographing people and their dogs or horses, I have learned simple tips and techniques to not only put your dog and horse at ease in front of my camera but you as well! From helping you plan your outfit to posing prompts, I guarantee you'll love your final images.

Is hiring a professional photographer right for me?

I totally get it. Hiring a professional photography is both an investment of time and money. You're not just hiring a photographer, but an expert at capturing your pet’s personality and unique traits. Sessions are gentle and slow-paced, your pet can relax and you can both enjoy being with each other. These photographs serve as cherished memories that you can treasure for years to come. As difficult as it is to lose a beloved pet, having lasting images of your best friend can help your grieving process in many ways. 

Don’t let unanswered questions stand between you and timeless images that reflect the unique connection you share with your dog or horse.

Remember, at Kelly J. Russo Photography, I'm not just about snapshots. I'm about creating timeless images that reflect the unique connection you share with your dog. 

If you still have questions, we’re I'm happy to answer them! Contact me here!

Photo of Kelly J. Russo Houston pet photographer