What a fun Sunday morning session I had with this beautiful family! As you probably know by now, dachshunds are one of my favorite breeds and it was the first time I had an English Cream Longhaired Doxie was in front of my camera. We had a great time exploring the new section of Houston's Memorial Park, the Eastern Glades. (and one of my favorite photo locations!).

Want to know more about Zoe? Of course, you do!

From Lily, Zoe's pawrent:

How did Zoe come into your life?

Zoe came into our lives randomly one day. I'd always dreamed about owning a cream dachshund in my lifetime. I'd had other dachshunds before, but wasn't actively searching for one when I found her. I truly believe everything happens when it's supposed to happen. My husband and I had just purchased our first home and Zoe was the missing piece to our dream! We brought her home in August of 2019. Zoe is the most loyal puppy anyone could ask for.

How did Zoe get her name?

We wanted something short and sweet (like her) . I started calling names out loud and came across "Zoe"  We pretty much knew as soon as I said it out loud that it was a perfect fit. We also call her: ZoZo, Pretty Girl, and Zo.

From Zoe herself:

What is the naughtiest thing she's ever done?

One day when my Mamo(Grandma) was dog-sitting me, I went upstairs and left her a present in every single room💖💩 My Momma was not happy.

Bottled water or toilet water?

Idk if I'll ever be tall enough to be able to drink out of the toilet. Like ever.