Houston is an amazing city, with so many things to see and do. It's also a very pet-friendly city, which might be our best-kept secret.

The Parks

Houston has more than 200 parks and green spaces and more than 125 miles of hike and bike trails. And that's not even counting all the gorgeous local and state parks just outside the city.

Personal Faves: Brazos Bend State Park, Houston Arboretum, Eastern Glades in Memorial Park

Brazos Bend State Park

Houston Arboretum

Eastern Glades Memorial Park

The Food

Houston loves dogs and there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and bars in Houston. Get ready to hang out with your paws out at one of the hundreds of pet-friendly establishments in the area.

Personal Faves: Barnaby's Cafe, Karbach Brewing, and St Arnold's Brewery.

The Events

Houston has year-round dog-centric events starting with the World Series of Dog Shows every July. Add to that the many pet festivals and fundraisers that benefit local dog rescue groups almost every other month of the year.

Need something to do next month? Come out and see me at these upcoming events:

April 9: 1st Annual Spring Fling benefiting the Pearland Canine Resource Center

April 10: Bark Mitvahat the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism

April 23: Puppy Pics POP-UP - Magpies Gifts in Sugar Land

April 30: Puppy Pics POP-UP - Magpies Gifts in Bellaire

To learn more about these events, check out this blog post here.

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