And now for something completely different...

If you take a look at my portfolio, you probably noticed the majority of my images are done outdoors, in natural or wild landscapes. I absolutely LOVE the outdoors, Whether it's being outside walking my dogs, going birding or on a hike, or especially out photographing YOUR dog!

But every now and then, it's a lot of fun to mix things up. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting locations for photo sessions. As part of my normal shot list, I try to include a few photos that include a lot of the surrounding environment to add a sense of place to your image gallery. Recently, I've been trying out sessions in urban locations. And you know what? I'm hooked! Houston has a gazillion cool places, some are well-known while others are not so.

Working closely with you, I can help craft the perfect photo session experience that matches your decor and dog's personality. You'll get the best of both worlds: your pup in gorgeous photos AND have images that match your personal style.


Is your style bright and colorful? Houston has literally dozens of murals around town that we can take advantage of to create an interesting and unique memory. But not just Houston — Sugar Land, Galveston, and other surrounding towns also have their share of colorful spots.

corgi with tongue out in front of colorful mural
Doberman with tongue out in front of downtown houston mural

Architecture Cool

Is your style more classic and understated? Houston has many iconic and beautiful buildings and or course, that skyline!

pitbull sitting in front of iron doorway in downtown Houston
Family with dogs in front of Houston Skyline

Hit the Streets

You can't get much more urban than Main Street in downtown Houston. It's an eclectic mix of color and iconic views.

Woman and her dog in downtown Houston

Sidewalk Charm

There are many new city centres popping up all over the Houston area. Most are being designed to have that small, town square charm. They have so much personality and cool little spots to grab that unforgettable photo.

cute dachshund in bowtie in Sugar Land Town Square
cute dachshund in bowtie in front of red telephone booth in Sugar Land Texas

Ready for your urban adventure?

Are you more of a city-style or nature-style person? Either way, I've got you covered. I have literally dozens of places in the Houston area that I can recommend for you and your pup's session. Ready to get started? Just contact me here.

This blog is part of a network of pet photographers around the world. Next up is Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography in Spokane, Washington, reuniting with a client for her senior dog photo session.