I'm so excited and humbled to announce that one of my photos was a finalist in The TOG Awards!

The TOG Awards is an international competition that aims to celebrate all forms of photography.

There are three rounds of judging for images:

The first round is Pre-Screening to make sure the image submitted fulfills all the entry requirements.

Then images move to the second round where each image is scored out of 25 by one judge on 4 aspects: Impact/Emotion, Technical, Composition and Editing. The result of this round is a score out of 100. Any image that scores 80+ in this round receives an International Merit as standard. Images that scored between 80 and 84 remain in this round and do not move into the final round.

Any image which scores 85 and above in the 4-point round moves forwards into the third round of judging (Round 3 – Final Round) where each of the judges allocates a single final score out of 100 to the images. These scores are then averaged to give the final image score.

I entered one of my equine black background portraits of a light bay Quarter Horse named "Chauncy", My image scored 89 points!

Equine portrait The TOG Awards finalist

Close to 700 entries were submitted to the awards.

  • 233 received international merits
  • 56 international finalists
  • 9 TopTOGs (over 90+ scored)
  • 7 sub-category winners
  • 3 Category winners
  • 1 Overall PhoTOGrapher of the Year

To see the full list of winners and finalists, click here!