Pax, the affable Aussie

Australian Shepherds as a breed are sweet, intelligent, and energetic - and Pax is no different. This charming boy was a joy to work with and posed like a champ for my camera. He took his job of chasing tennis balls very seriously and was almost too fast for my camera shutter! The setting sun behind the trees gave a perfect glow to his multi-colored coat and showed off his brilliant azure eyes. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we finished the session with a gorgeous silhouette shot.

Australian shepherd running after ball in the park
close up of australian shepherd
australian shepherd running in the park
portrait of an australian shepherd at sunset
Australian shepherd sitting in the park
Profile of Australian shepherd sitting in the park
Australian shepherd standing in the park
Austrailan shepherd standing in a park at sunset
Portrait of Australian Shepherd at sunset in a park
Dog and owner silhouette at sunset