Read, Set, GO!

In previous blogs, I've talked about certain shots that I like to include in every session. Another one of my favorites is Action! Capturing a dog in motion is not only a lot of fun, but gives you as the owner a special memory that's more candid and less posed.

dog jumping in the air after a tennis ball

Now, not every dog is suited for action photos. In fact, my senior girl Bonnie would rather walk to the kitchen and back instead of running in the backyard like she used to. So, it really depends on the client's individual dog what kind of movement photo I try to get. During our pre-session planning, I will try to find out as much as I can about your dog's personality and activity level. Then during the actual session, together we can determine the dog's comfort level to see what kind of action images we create.

cute white dog  walking on leash in a park
lhasa apso dog jumping up
woman walking her dog in the houston arboretum

Room To Move

Some dogs are flat-out runners or water-loving dogs - or both! Knowing that ahead of time helps me plan the perfect location so we can highlight that particular aspect of your dog's personality.

Other dogs are more comfortable just exploring. For these types of dogs, just a walk on a leash can get some really cute images and show off their jaunty gait.

Are you working on training wth your dog? We can capture that too!

beagle running in backyard
woman playing with her dog in the park
corgi running towards camera
corgi running at camera
corgi looking up at owner while walking
silhouette of woman training her dog at sunset

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