With so many deserving causes to support this time of year, why is it important to give to animals in need?


Animal shelters and rescues keep the community safe by providing shelter for stray, frightened animals. 

They help people who have found a pet in need and who don’t know quite what to do. Most of these organizations hold educational programs in schools and at shelters for both children and adults. Adoption programs around Houston help connect homeless animals with individuals and families looking for a pet to love and care for. Some even provide low-cost spay/neuter and vaccinations. and TNR resources for feral cat populations.

As a pet photographer, I am part of our wide animal-loving community, too, and helping the animal organizations in Houston fits with my mission to help people and pets live their very best lives together. Best of all, helping local rescue non-profits and shelters is something we can do together!

Real Kindness Makes A Difference

  1. It’s the thought that counts.

Working and volunteering for an animal shelter, animal rescue, or any organization that supports both people and pets is hard work. Sure, it is amazingly rewarding when a pet finds a loving home, or a stray, timid dog or horse grows glossy and happy. But rescue workers bust their butts every day, and have to deal with sad stories as well. Days can go by without someone thinking to say “thank you for everything you do.”

By helping a non-profit organization this holiday season, you’re sharing your thankfulness in a way that validates all those long hours spent working with animals and helping them become adoptable for a lucky family.

Be Part of a Life-Saving Movement

  1. You get to help change the world for animals - and people who love them. Every year, more and more animals find homes because every year shelters and rescues get better at finding ways to prevent animals from becoming homeless in the first place.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the world for animals year after year, giving to local animal rescues and shelters is an awesome way to be part of that change. Do your research and find an organization that aligns with your own personal ideals, they will be glad and thankful for your support!