"What's Your Favorite Breed of Dog?"

I get this question a lot, and it always makes me pause. I actually love ALL DOGS. All sizes, shapes, and colors. I don't think I've ever met a dog I didn't like. Over the years, my house has always been filled with the motliest of crews. From Australian shepherds and Dobermans to Border terriers and Goldens. Throughout the years, there has always been one breed we consistently have in the house, and that's a dachshund.

Unplanned Beginnings

I got my first dachshund in college. I was in my last semester and my college roommate's dog had a litter. She was working on her Doctorate and was out of the house a lot so I ended up helping a lot with the puppies. As a thank you, she gifted me one of the pups. This little fluff ball was a longhaired dapple dachshund. Needless to say, I was immediately smitten. I didn't know anything about the breed but soon found that every book I read about them, perfectly described their character: stubborn and bossy but also extremely affectionate and loyal.

My first doxie, Sir Duke of Sherman Tank, a.k.a. Dukie

"Dukie" was the first of many dachshunds we've had over the years. All have been adopted or rescued in one form or another. Our current doxie is Tobermory, a.k.a. "Toby". He is our pandemic pup, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2019. He also helps around the office and is our Junior Pawject Manager.

Despite having had dachshunds for years, there is a shocking lack of them in my photography portfolio. Toby, of course, is one of my favorite models but gives me about 10 minutes before he's done with camera time.

Breed of the Month

Feeling the need to diversify my portfolio, I decided to do some model calls for specific breeds. Back in January, I held a Breed of the Month Contest to help build up my portfolio. I chose Dachshunds for my first model call! I had well over 70 entries and it was so very difficult to choose the winners. So instead, of one winner, I chose three! I'm excited to say you will be seeing lots more dachshunds in my social media posts very soon!

Many of my friends in this pet photographers blog circle are highlighting their favorite dog breeds this week too. Want to see more adorable photos of dogs (of all shapes and sizes)? Of course you do!

First up is Angela Schneider of Spokane, WA, and she wonders what will be the most popular breed in her new book, Paws of the Inland Northwest.

When you get to the bottom of Angela’s post, click the next link in the circle and then keep going until you find yourself back here! (you might see some new doxie pictures added to this post!)

This meme is an old one, but never stops being funny.