Autumn in Houston

While Spring is my favorite season, Autumn is a close second. After slogging through the summer heat, even a sunshine addict such as myself looks forward to some cooler temps and of course, college football.

As we’re in the seasons of pumpkins, scarves and cinnamon-scented everything I always find myself reflecting on everything I’m so grateful for in my life and business.   

Maybe it’s the energy of the Harvest season or the warm Thanksgiving vibes. You’ve probably heard or seen the word ‘gratitude’ a lot recently in your favorite magazines, blogs and TV shows and social feeds… There’s a whole lot of science that points to the act of gratitude being good for us humans. (Ever wonder if it’s the same for our pets?)  

Basically, the data shows that when we have a ‘practice’ (a regular habit) of expressing gratitude - we are likely to be more happy and less depressed… even if our mental health is already suffering.

senior longhaired dachshund running toward camera in houston

Practicing gratitude actually changes our brain! Here are some fascinating gratitude facts:  

It can be a ‘natural antidepressant... 

It’s good for brain, body, relationships and mood... 

One of the things I am the most grateful for every day is the ability and privilege to do this job. Working with animals is a life-long dream of mine, I admit, back when I was a kid I didn't think I would be photographing them, but I knew that I would have a career that involved animals in some capacity. But, alongside home life and family, it can keep me so busy that expressing my gratitude for everything and to everyone I’d like to can sometimes get overlooked. 

yellow lab sitting in tall grass in Houston Texas

Things I'm Grateful For

So, I wanted to take this opportunity - in this season of thanks - to share a few things I’m most thankful for right now. 

1. My Wonderful Clients

Since beginning this business, I've met the most wonderful pet parents! Even in a city of 4 million people, kindred spirits can find each other and I've been so lucky to have found so many during the course of my business. I'm proud to say that they are not just clients, but now full-fledged friends who I interact with regularly!

2. Expressing My Creative Side

My grandmother was a talented painter. I remember spending summers at her house as she taught me drawing and how to "see" art all around. Being a photographer allows me to use that medium to create the types of images I see and dream about! There is also a very supportive community of professional photographers in Houston who have helped guide and mentor me in my passion to become better as a photographer.

3. My family

Running a business is a lot of hard work. And truly, without a strong support system in place, most businesses fail. I am grateful everyday for the remarkable support systems I have in my husband and extended family who cheer me on everyday.

dark brown corgi standing in front of mural in Houston

What’s got you feeling some kind of wonderful? Have you started or maintained a gratitude practice? If so, I’d love to know more about it! Get in touch with me here or DM me on Instagram to share your secrets! 

P.S. Just remember, wherever you’re ready for a photo session of your special pet, I’m here! It’s my absolute pleasure to be your photographer when you need me!