Waiting for over 500 Days

When I was asked by HeartsSpeak a few weeks ago if I would pay a visit to Bay Area Pet Adoptions to do a special photo session with Ethan, I didn't hesitate to say yes. As a proud member of HeartsSpeak, my goal is to help adoptable pets get more exposure and a better chance at a forever home through photography.

Bay Are Pet Adoptions is located in San Leon, Texas and not far from Galveston. They are one of the few No-Kill shelters in the Houston area. They are a registered non-profit and rely on donations for all the work they do in rescuing dogs and cats and providing medical care. They rescue animals that are either unwanted by their owners or aren't claimed from surrounding county shelters. The animals are housed at their shelter or fostered until the perfect permanent home is found.

The dedicated staff and volunteers are the shelter work incredibly hard every single day caring for their animals. They provide an unending stream of love, and enrichment for all of the animals that stay at the shelter.


Ethan is one of the shelter's long-term residents. He has currently been at the shelter for over 500 days! He is also a staff and volunteer favorite due to his calm and loving personality. I met Ethan and the shelter team one sultry June morning. We took a walk around the shelter property and also had some play time in the agility yard.

True to his nature, Ethan was the perfect model. He was calm and patient the whole time I photographed him, which was about 2 hours. Several members of the shelter staff came out to help out as well and he loved having an audience!

If you are interested in meeting sweet Ethan, you can contact Bay Area Pet Adoptions at 281-339-2086 to set up an appointment. I guarantee you, that once you meet him you'll fall in love just like I did!