My first styled shoot

It's been a minute or actually several weeks since I've been able to sit down and update my blog! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend my first equine-styled shoot hosted by Morningstar Ranch and Terri Cage Photography up near Dallas, Texas. It was my first experience at working with models and gorgeous Friesian horses and needless to say, I was super excited!

Cremello morgan horse with bride equine photographer

Model Kat Brewer with Shallow Creek’s Garrett “Valor”, a Cremello Morgan owned by Karen Grunow Rosenberg.

black friesian horse with model kelly j russo photography

Jenna Rene Smeenk with "Hielke", black Friesian owned by Medallion Friesians, Marvel Jeffcoat and Dan Kessler

I got to say, or write rather, that it was hard NOT to get a good photo with all the beautiful models and horses. The property was gorgeous, the weather and lighting were perfect too. The idea behind styled shoots is give photographers a chance to practice new techniques and poses along with portfolio building. While many in attendance were professional photographers, there were also quite a few attendees who were enthusiastic equine photographers.

There were several models available with different outfit changes and horses for us to photograph. Each was set up in a different location of the property and we could move from station to station as we wanted to. We could even direct the model to pose certain ways if there was a certain look we were trying to achieve.

It was a fantastic experience and I'm definitely looking forward to attending more in the future! Stay tuned to my social media accounts for more photos!

black friesian horse with victorian model equine photographer
black friesian horse with model in red dress houston texas
bay roan horse with cowgirl kelly j russo photography
bride with white horse equine photography texas
cowgirl on galloping horse kelly j russo photography
Prom queen on bay roan horse houston texas
black friesian horse on black background fine art equine photographyy
equine photography portraits kelly j russo photography
Bridal photo with white horse houston texas
model on black friesian horse kelly j russo photography
Black frisian horse with model in victorian outfit houston texas
bridal equine photography houston texas

Models and Horses


  • Caitlin Deisler, peach dress, Victorian outfit
  • Kat Brewer, bridal
  • Clare Morrow, red dress
  • Haley Wright, cowgirl, boho dress


  • Cremello Morgan Shallow Creek’s Garrett “Valor” owned by Karen Grunow Rosenberg
  • Bay Roan, "Angel" owned by Haley Wright 
  • "Sjabbe" and "Hielke", Friesians, owned by Marvel Jeffcoat and Dan Kessler