There are as many cool and unique places in Houston for a photo session as there are people. Just kidding, maybe not 4 million photo locations, but there's definitely a lot. Then factor in all the cool surrounding areas like Fort Bend County or the Woodlands. The possibilities can be overwhelming!

When I work with my clients on designing their photo session, I always ask what end result they are looking for. Is it artwork for the walls of their home? Is it a beautiful heirloom photo album for their coffee table? These decisions are very important in helping pick the perfect location (or locations) for their session. Think about things like what is your style? What color do you use in your home decor? What is your decorating style?

I'm always trying to explore as many new spots as I can to add variety to my sessions, but there are some places that I keep returning too. These tried and true areas always provide a great variety of backdrops that serve to enhance the subject: you and you pup!

Here's five of some of my (current) favorite places for photo session in Houston!


Salty paws and beach hair - no list is complete without adding Galveston to it! There are SO many unique locations around the island. If you're looking for something more urban, try the Strand or any of the myriad of murals around town. Or of course, you can go the other side of the island and get on the beach! The sand dunes, grasses, beach and water all make awesome backdrops. This is great for dogs who are more adventurous and are ok with lots of distractions around.

Brazos Bend State Park

One of my favorite state parks in the state! We visit here often to camp and hike. With miles of trails, there's no shortage of areas for photography. They have some of the largest oak trees in the area that make for gorgeous portrait spots. Add to that the moss dripping off the tree limbs and you've got a recipe for a gorgeous golden sunset photo! This spot is good for young dogs who like long walks and exploring.

Brazos Bend Pet Photography Locations
Pet portrait locations Brazos Bend State Park
Brazos Bend State Park Photo Locations

Helen's Park

This tiny park is located in the heart of Houston and is truly a hidden gem. It's small and secluded and located where you least expect it to be! Full of beautiful landscaping, water features, flowers and a cool hobbit door - this makes a great spot for older dogs or dogs who prefer more quiet areas.

Helen's Park Houston Photo Spot
Helen's Park Photo Location Houston

Kitty Hollow Park

This small park in Fort Bend County is filled with a variety of location. It has open areas for action shots, beautiful trees for portraits, a lake, trails and a cool historic house (and they also have a dog park!). It's also my favorite spot for capturing sunset silhouettes. It can get busy on the weekends but during the week you can almost have the whole place to yourself!

australian shepherd photography houston texas
australian shepherd action photography Houston texas
pet silhouette photography Houston texas

Houston Arboretum

Another classic location and a Houston photographer favorite. So much so, you might have to juggle around other togs while trying to get your own shot! It's worth it though, the location is beautiful and also seasonal! That means, depending on what time of year you have your session there, it can look totally different from just a few months before. There are some great trails that are on the quieter side for dogs that are more shy and then there are trails that are more widely used for dogs that don't mind distractions. Weekdays are generally quiets for hikers but not from other photographers.

Favorite Houston dog photo spots
Houston photo spots arboretum
Favorite Houston photo spots

What do you think of these places? Have you visited any of them? Do you know of any other hidden gems that I should check out? Send me a note and let me know!