What's the one thing all pet parents deal with?

Although pet hair and odors are a small price to pay to have our furry ones at home with us, those hair tumbleweeds and weird smells can sometimes be distracting and overwhelming!


My girl Bonnie gets hair EVERYWHERE. Despite being a short-haired dog, she sheds mountains of hair all the time. And if I’m being honest here, because she's an old dog Bonnie does smell sometimes too. Then we have my other dog Harriet, who has a velcro coat that attracts leaves, grass, and sticks everytime she walks outside.


I know plenty of pet parents who are dealing with these issues too.  

pitbull dog sitting on ground in front of fall flowers

Bonnie is a shedding machine.

Here’s a few of the things I do to tackle pet odor and hair in my home:

Tip # 1: Throw your pet’s linens in the washer. 

Toby loves his blankets - but ugh, they do get smelly over time! To combat this, I invested in washer-safe fabrics and sturdy bedding that can easily be washed.


Pro tip: Use pet-friendly, odor-busting detergent. If your pup loves lounging on your bed, then you'll have to wash your own linens more frequently too.


Tip #2: You can never have too much fresh air.

Fresh air makes everything better. When the weather is nice (meaning not raining) I like to open the windows in my home. Make sure your screens are secure, though—especially if you have a door-dasher or a dog that gets excited seeing the UPS delivery guy - Winston I'm looking at you as I type this! Even during the really hot months of summer, I will still try to crack a window for just a few hours each day, it really helps!


If you can’t air your space out or it’s just too hot or too chilly to open the windows, an air purifier may help. Many of them clean the air by filtering out particles that cause bad smells.


Tip #3: Swiffer for the Win!

Regularly cleaning your floors and carpets will do wonders for odor and hair. I try to vacuum at a minimum of twice a week (in the summertime, usually more). Making these quick chores a part of your regular household duties makes a big difference. It also gives me a quick break from sitting at my desk too long.


Be sure to check the labels of any chemicals you use to make sure they’re safe for your furry friend. Some “clean-smelling” products have pine oil or other oils or acids that can be dangerous to pets. Choose products designed with your pet in mind, like the pet care collection found at www.tackletinkle.com. These products can also be used in the laundry room for your wash!


Tip #5: Groom your pet. 

Bathing, brushing, and trimming your pet’s hair regularly cuts down on subtle odors and makes your pet look great, too. I have to brush my dog Harriet almost daily because she picks up so much debris from our backyard in her fur.


Regular brushing helps to keep shedding down and also keeps your pet’s coat and skin healthy which in turn makes your pet more comfortable! Brush your pet outdoors, if it’s safe, or be sure to vacuum after an indoor brushing session. And remember, if you come across any really bad mats in your pet's fur seek out the assistance of a professional.

Border terrier dog mix sitting in from of colorful fall flowers

Harriet the velcro dog

Having a pet means you will deal with hair and odors from time to time. It’s part of pet parenthood. What do you do around the home to deal with hair or odors?

Now that your pup is all brushed and looking great, how about scheduling that photo session?