Summertime Blues

Let's face it...summer days from June - September in Houston are HOT. I know I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know. High temps can also be stressful for older pets and short-nosed doggies. Plus you end up with a gallery of images that are 90% tongue!

BUT—did you know that early summer mornings are perfect for photo sessions? It's true!

I get it though...getting up really early - especially on a weekend - might not sound like your idea of fun but I'm here to tell you it will be! Not only will your dog enjoy an early morning adventure, but you will too!

Read on to see my top three reasons to set the alarm clock for a sunrise session and get amazing images to grace your walls!

black and tan dachshund wearing a bowtie in Town Square Sugar Land Texas

No Crowds

Early mornings are great because very few people are out and about. There will be a lower probability of distractions. Usually, the only people you run into are joggers and cyclists.

This is especially true for urban locations. In general, I recommend early morning start times for city centers for this very reason. Stores and restaurants have not opened yet so the sidewalks and buildings are calm and quiet. This is perfect for shy dogs and dogs who are sensitive or get anxious.

AND you can stop for breakfast on the patio to reward your pup when we're done!

Early Morning Light is Gorgeous

Golden Hour is generally regarded as the best time of day for photo sessions. Having the sun low in the sky makes for the most beautiful photos. Golden Hour is about 1-2 hours before sunset but also occurs 1-2 hours after sunrise.

Right after sunrise is a very magical time, you'll see all kinds of natural activity that you don't normally see in the afternoons. Everything is very calm and quiet and dewdrops on the grass sparkle like diamonds in the early morning light!

black german shepherd sitting in field of purple flowers

Cooler Temps

The absolute BEST reason to book a sunrise session? The cooler temperatures! Great lighting, no crowds, AND the day has not begun to heat up yet. We'll be done before you know it and you'll be back in the air condition before the summer temps begin to climb and the humidity sets in.

What do you think? Have I convinced you to book your sunrise session?