Cowgirl and her heart horse kelly russo equine photographer
White cremello morgan horse on black background kelly russo photography
Model with bay roan horse dallas texas horse photographer
Dog in texas bluebonnets kelly russo photography
Puppy sitting in front of roses kelly russo photography
Woman with her horse in front of oak trees houston
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dog portrait in texas bluebonnets kelly russo photography
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Sugar Land  Texas Pet bluebonnet photos Kelly J. Russo
Dog bluebonnet Portraits Fort Bend County
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Australian shepherd running with ball
terrier on oak tree Brazos Bend State Park
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Horse muzzle with holiday wreath in background
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Holiday family portrait with Arabian horse
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Terrier looking up and smiling
close up of horse muzzle wearing a holiday wreath
Horse profile on black background
Yellow labrador sitting in the grass
Horse profile on black background
Weimaraner sitting near tall grasses
Woman kissing her horse for holiday portrait
Missouri Fox Trotter looking over shoulder
Cattle dog on a log
Quarter horse wearing christmas wreath on black background
blue pitbull puppy sitting in leaves
quarter horse wearing gold christmas wreath
Pony wearing christmas wreath

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"“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.”"

—Ronald Duncan